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April 20th, 2020 Message

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The world has turned upside down! Old folks are sneaking out of the house and their kids are yelling at them to stay indoors!   

Its day 36 of the quarantine and the dog is looking at me saying, “See?  This is why I chew the furniture”!  

Does anyone know if we can take showers yet or should we just keep washing our hands???” 

(Thanks Gay Rogge… I needed a laugh!)

Dear members and friends of Community Presbyterian Church of Brigantine, To all our brothers and sisters in Christ, peace be with you! When you just want to cry, it feels better to laugh.  I hope this letter finds you weathering the storm of this virus and the ensuing lockdown with courage, faith, and hope!  May God grant you all of these gifts and more as we continue to wait together, alone. Recently I read about an old friend online that is using this time to eat healthy, get some exercise, drink a lot of water, stay alcohol and caffeine-free… he’s lost 17 pounds and is in the best shape of his life at age 65.  Wow, it's about time Tom!  I’m not sure how long we are all going to be sheltered in place.  Try not to lose all sense of a schedule or personal discipline.      Easter was very different this year.  If you missed our services during Easter week, you can still see the videos that Tony DeLuca, Jeanie Roy Collins, Abbey Gragg, and I put together by going to the church website on the internet at   Check it out! Don’t forget, you can reach me at or on my email at My cell phone is (609) 457-2999, feel free to call or text anytime when the banks are open! If you want to join together in worship, you have to get on the internet and put in  You don’t have to be a member of Facebook to watch worship happen live on Sunday mornings beginning at about 10 AM.  If you want to chat with us or one another during worship, then you have to be a member of Facebook, which is not that tough to do.  Or, you can watch a recording of the worship later on the website. If you are a Facebook member find us at “Brigantine Community Presbyterian Church”  “LIKE” us!

Some announcements for the good of our life together!

  1. Keep up with the life of our congregation by going to our church website which is at Messages, information, and news of our life together is there.

  2. FOOD PANTRY OF THE TRUE SPIRIT COALITION is the only service we will continue to operate from the church.  Thanks to Brenda Rupp, Liboria Mendoza, TSC coordinator Gina Herz, Debbie Enderlin, Sue Clark, and others who are making the food distribution possible.  Call the church at (609) 266-7942 if you live in Brigantine and need food or know someone who is hungry!  Distributions are on Wednesday mornings. WE CAN ARRANGE FOR DELIVERY OF FOOD AND WE HAVE PEOPLE THAT WILL SHOP FOR YOU AND BRING IT TO YOUR DOOR! CALL US IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO STAY HOME, STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY!

  3. Support the life of our church through continued giving. The best and safest method for sharing your gifts is by check through the mail.  Online donations can be made through PayPal at our website which is  Punch the “donate” button and use Paypal to send your gift with a credit card.  It's safe, fast, and inexpensive.

  4. We are compiling a list of our heroes that need our prayers and support. If you know of a family member or friend that is working in health care and is at risk because of the current situation, please let us know so that we can keep them in our prayers. Our current prayer concerns are for all these nurses and doctors:

Beverly Boos, Taylor Mason, Lara Storr, Haley Huff, Casey Reynolds, Casey Klemm, Mike Simpson, Stephanie Laelli, Nico Skuli, Sarah Scotland Skuli, The Beraquits, Robin, Kim, Denise & Samantha.

If you are alone, if you are reaching the end of your emotional energy if you are getting overly anxious or stressed out - please reach out to one another. Stay connected by phone or text or through the internet. We have a long way to go and we must pay attention to our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. None of us were ever meant to tough it out alone! Please feel free to call me on my cell phone at (609) 457-2999! You can text me too. If you are online and use email, write to me at or Brenda at Call Jim Walker, chair of Member Care at (609) 338-2252 - OR - call Mental Health HELPLINE during COVID-19 outbreak: 1 (866) 202-5357.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,    May the Lord make the face of God shine upon you and be gracious unto you and May the Lord lift up Gods' countenance upon you and give you peace. - John

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