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March 29, 2021 Message

​Dear Members and Friends,

“The COVID-19 Crisis could result in more than 100,000 Americans dying by the time it's over.”

One of my favorite preachers wrote this on his website in March of 2020. Today, the conservative estimate of COVID-19 fatalities stands at over ½ a million Americans lost. And yet, in Brigantine and in our congregation, although we grieve the loss of Roberta Knecht Jensen, the truth is we have been greatly blessed and spared other loss of life due to COVID. While writing about first responders last year, I wondered how many would be lost among our brave medical personnel, doctors, nurses, attendants, workers… and to the best of my knowledge, all those for whom we have prayed every week are still combatting this Virus for us all! Thanks be to God! So, we have much to be thankful for this year as Easter arrives once again. Let us take this week to remember History! Be mindful of how much God loves the world…

MAUDY THURSDAY - Please join us on Thursday evening at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary for the Service of the Shadows. Attendees must wear a mask at all times, refrain from singing, stay socially distant and use the sanitizer just inside the doors to the sanctuary as you arrive, and as you leave. Communion will be served in small individually wrapped cups containing bread and juice.

GOOD FRIDAY - The sanctuary will be open from Noon to 3 for quiet meditation and readings every fifteen minutes. Again, please wear a mask and remain socially distant.

EASTER SUNDAY SUNRISE SERVICE - Starts at 6:30 am at the 16th/17th St. Beach Pavilion off the parking lot on Ocean Avenue. Bring a chair and a blanket. Wear a mask… but since we are outside, we will be singing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” and celebrating communion.

EASTER MORNING - Our Easter Sunday Morning Service will be virtual-only at 10 AM with singing followed by the Easter message and communion. Please join us by live streaming on Facebook.

You can view the Easter Communion Insert HERE.

Please join us LIVE on Sunday Mornings at 10:00 am for singing, and 10:15 am for worship. Use this link

If you haven’t joined us for “virtual worship”, give me a call - you need to join us! The CHURCH WEBSITE is My email is My cell phone is (609) 457-2999.

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