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  • Rev. Jeanie Collins

August 19, 2020 Message

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

John is taking a well deserved rest and vacation this week, so the weekly epistle is from ME!

This week we’ve experienced a break in the hot and humid weather and thoughts begin turning towards Fall. Usually, this is a time of happy preparation for teachers and students. True to our 2020 experience, nothing is really quite in synch with how it’s ever been, and the overarching stress just continues.


The cooler, drier air got me out walking yesterday, and I was shocked at the gazillion colorful and sometimes frighteningly beautiful toadstools! It’s seriously amazing this year! I suppose the combination of heat and damp have made this a bumper year for fungi. I took a ton of pictures which will, no doubt, make their way up to facebook… in my quest to stay connected and not feel as isolated as I have during this time of social distancing.

Fun Fact: Mushrooms are connected for miles to other mushrooms of their ilk by an underground network of fine threads called a “mycelial” network. Check out more here:

So even though you might have one, singular, fabulous toadstool in your garden… it is not alone. You aren’t either. Neither am I.

As trite as this may seem… isn't our prayer life with the Divine, and with each other, like the mycelial network? Mystically connected through time, space, dimension… and of course, prayer doesn’t just stop with the silent thought or meditation; let it energize you to creatively make the connection real! Like a crazy toadstool popping out of dirt, manure, and dead leaves! Be awesome! You are connected! You connect!

Love. Grace. Peace. from Jeanie!

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“..and what does the Lord require of you? Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:6-8

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