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July 28, 2021 Message

Dear Members and Friends,

Jotting this note to you from Denver before we leave to come home. We have had a wonderful week of exploring the beauty of Colorado. Pike’s Peak (14,000 ft. plus), Rocky Mountain National Park and yesterday, Lake Brainard… a mere 9,600 ft. high. I can’t catch my breath! I can’t wait to see what walking four miles at sea level feels like when I get home. My legs are still healing but they didn’t hinder our great time on vacation! Meanwhile, we’ve seen the news about the CDC recommendations for mask wearing at all indoor events, even if we have been vaccinated. That does not change our policy for worship on Sunday but it’s a sobering reminder that we are not completely done with COVID-19 yet. Lets make the effort to protect others, especially our children. It’s a small sacrifice we can make to contribute to the general health of our community. AND… as we contemplate the spiritual/psychological costs of the Pandemic, we take special note of what is happening at the Olympics… and although we are all disappointed that Simone Biles is not competing, it’s a reminder that we should be more aware of our own mental health and the psychological well-being of our family and friends. The New Members Discovery Class has been happening on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM. We are going to skip a week and resume on Tuesday night August 3rd when our Committee leaders will be sharing with new members how our church is organized and how they can get more involved. Session, which usually takes the summer off, will meet on the fourth Thursday of August (26th) to welcome new members and work on the transition to new pastoral leadership. Our thanks go out to Brenda Rupp, Drew McCrosson, Pam & Bill Schneider, Kim Grahsler and Rev. Jeannie Collins who all helped make our vacation possible by taking away any worries we had about being far away. We were saddened to hear about the loss of Bert Boyer and Brian Smith during our absence. Services for Brian will take place on Saturday August 7th at 11:00 AM. Berts services at graveside were held last weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends but confident in the good news of the resurrection, we celebrate their lives, trusting that they are safe in God’s arms, where there are no more tears nor pain.

Please join us LIVE on Sunday Mornings at 8:00 AM and/or 10:00 AM for singing, and 10:15 AM for worship. Use this link If you haven’t joined us for “virtual worship”, give me a call - you need to join us! The CHURCH WEBSITE is My email is My cell phone is (609) 457-2999.

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