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  • Pete Cosentino

November 10, 2020 Message

Dear Members and Friends,

​Even in 2020, there is so much for which we need to give thanks.  Brigantine has seemingly been spared much of the sorrow and grief experienced by many other communities.  Our elderly have stayed safe and well.  Our young have been cared for.  Many of those who work hard for a living have been able to adapt to being at home and working online.  And although the summer-time seemed like it might bring a tragic loss, Brigantine hustled and bustled, albeit with masks and social distancing and care.  We have made it this far by God’s grace. We don’t know what the next year holds in store, but we are strengthened by the experience of thriving, despite the Coronavirus, over the past nine months.  As our parents and grand-parents endured so much more through two world wars and ten years of the great depression, we have come to realize that we too are one of America’s great generations, and we will endure. So let's remember our fortitude and resilience!  God has been with us every step of the way through this difficult year of 2020.  We have so much for which to give thanks! To the author of life, to the sustainer of our fellowship, to the redeemer of our lives, we will take time this year to give thanks.  Our celebrations may look a little different.  We may not be able to gather around the board as in years past with a multitude of family and friends.  But we will nonetheless, give thanks, and look forward to next year, and then, we will celebrate like never before, because of what we have endured in 2020! I hope that you will take time to truly reflect on all of the gifts that God has provided.  Acknowledge our dependence on God for our living.  Respond to God's generosity toward us as his people by sharing the harvest we possess intended for all to benefit. We will dedicate our special Thanksgiving Offering on Sunday, November 22nd, 2020.  Give joyfully, generously, and with great thanks to God.  Please use the enclosed envelope to share your gifts.  Yours in Christ,

- Pete Cosentino, Chairperson

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